In Italy, extra-hotel tourism is expanding and competition in the sector is growing. The trump card is home staging: few touches to change the look of the property and let it become more attractive to tourists.  Home Staging Lovers association: “To stand out you need to take care of every details and present yourself in a professional way”. In Italy this was a great summer for Airbnb, the most famous among the rental portals. Airbnb reports that between June 1st and August 31, our country was the third most popular destination among users: over three million stayed in Italy, in one of the 200 thousand accommodations available on the portal. In 2016 Istat surveyed over 100.000 structures including rented apartments and bed and breakfasts

“Extra hotel accommodation is increasing in the spotlight and represents a driving force for tourism in our country and an important opportunity to make real properties stand still on the market. It is time to be aware of this and to bring professionalism to the sector”, says Fosca de Luca and Michela Galletti, president and vice-president of the national association Home Staging Lovers,
garthering a hundred experts in home staging, a set of techniques to give the property to sell a more attractive look. Home staging generally focuses on homes for sale, “staging them” with targeted interventions to make them attractive to buyers. But given the tourist vocation of our country, there are more and more Italian owners who require the intervention of a home stager to attract a particular target, that of tourists, especially foreigners.

“A professional home stager can transform a property and let it stand out among a myriad of ads; the aim is to grant customers a great and satisfying experience”, explain the HSL association, which will dedicate the next national assembly (scheduled on 25 November in Bologna) to extra hotel accommodation, and which promotes home staging schools in various cities of Italy with specific courses on the subject. “Marketing, interior design and photography are among the skills through which a home stager can literary change anonymous homes into competitive accommodation standing out on hosting portals – explain de Luca and Galletti -. We always start with an analysis of the building, market and customers. Then we study how to enhance the house strengths, such as typical details of the territory that can become key factor as charm and personality, and work on functionality and comfort”.

Compared to the traditional staged homes for sale, where the setting up is temporary, in the extra hotel accommodation times and costs are different, but always contained: “As for buildings designed for extra hotel accommodation, both intervention and furnishings are permanent, so the home stager works in order to look for and then submit to the owner a list of features that will give a more attractive look to the property”, add de Luca and Galletti.

The right lighting, a new color for a wall, a piece of furniture given a new life if repainted, so many tricks that increase the feeling of relaxation and welcoming, remember de Luca and Galletti: “These are the small details that make the difference and that only a professional home stager knows how to achieve”.

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