Umbria, Città della Pieve. A real hamlet in which Mr and Mrs Kobrin have choosen  to live. I was contacted by the owners to design and implement a home staging intervention for the sale of their beautiful home, enjoying a unique and authentic flavor.

Result? The property was sold in just a week!

I had the pleasure of addressing some questions to Mr and Mrs Kobrin to know them better and to understand the reasons that led them to rely on Eletta Home Staging.

Q. Three reasons why you love our country, and in particular Umbria?

A. The excellent food; culture and people; the value given to money.

Q. How did you get to Città della Pieve and choose “The Traveller’s Loggia”? Which elements fascinated you the most?

A. Lots of research, several visits and when we saw it we fell in love with it. Città della Pieve is full of charm and we loved the location, architecture and people.

Q. The sale of your home was a real success: it was sold by Great Estate in just one week. Did you expect this result?

A. We have been very lucky and with the help of our agent, Chiara Pompili, and home staging of Ilaria, both of whom helped us when we bought the apartment 5 years ago, was an instant success. Trust, collaboration and initiative made it happen.

Q. Why did you choose to rely on Eletta Home Staging and get your property staged before selling it?

A. We know Ilaria knows the market and with the collaboration with Chiara we trusted they will make it happen.

Q. Did you already know home staging as a real estate marketing strategy? Would you recommend it?

A. No, it was the first time for me with home staging. Absolutely yes, especially if you are in a foreign country and do not plan to be hands on with the selling of your property.

Q. What do you think about Ilaria Peparaio’s professional approach when she proposed you the home staging service, sent you the price quotation and moodboard and then shown you the final result?

A. Professional, collaborative, informative, and it is all about trust; you have to put your hands in her trust so she can deliver the best result to you. If you micro manage the process it is counter productive and does not allow he to do her job. Freedom and trust are key to the process and success.

Q. How do you evaluate the service offered by Great Estate and the real estate consultant Chiara Pompili, who followed you for this sale?

A.  Amazing, professional and reliable.

Q. In your opinion, what is Eletta Home Staging added value?

A. It adds value in knowing you have a partner you can trust and work with and that this partner will look after your needs without you having to worry about a thing.

My customers’ opinion, as well as the result achieved for this property – sold in just 1 week after being enhanced through home staging – are my great satisfaction. Furthermore, prior to the intervention, a correct and accurate real estate appraisal was carried out, and only after the sale price identified by the consultant was defined with the clients, home staging was performed.

Are you curious to see how the apartment looked before staging?

Take a look…


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