Many people ask me where the inspiration for a home staging project comes from… Surely the starting point is the property to be enhanced, of which I analyse style and finishes. Then there is my personal style, made of selected pieces and materials. So there are the interior trends of the moment and the color palettes, but I have to say… I am extremely sensitive to the charm of spring!



The spring color I love most? Undoubtedly green! For spring 2019 we move from dark emerald green to Night Watch, chosen from the official Pantone publication for the palette inspired by Nature, with two brilliant shades like the Carnival Grass and the Lime Zest. Green lightens to become a fresher hue that draws from the nuances of the lawn or mint, but in an extremely sophisticated and versatile version.



Now that I have a color to work with, I have to choose an accent color to match it. Why not a dove, an old rose or a nude? Now all that remains is to add accent points, but my ideas are very clear: I choose gold and its more opaque version, brass. Both are materials of timeless charm that literally illuminate the rooms.


I feel inspired and now that I have found the right moodboard for the living area I proceed with the one for the dining area. Here I choose to replace the antique pink with pearl gray, and put aside gold and brass for the wood! The simplicity and warmth that it manages to convey is perfect for the most convivial room in the house.



Every moodboard I create is carefully designed for the target audience and is a real mind map in which I gather all the suggestions to define the style of my set-up.



But I admit it: as a creative person I love this design phase! I lose myself in the concept and in its improvement, to amaze my clients, involve them and facilitate their understanding of my project. And then … the creative phase of the moodboard is an opportunity to convey my taste … without saying a word!


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