Uniqueness, passion and style: three main points that make Hube the reference for those looking for exclusive and original furnishing accessories. And these are also the traits that led me to choose Maestri del Cotto for the coverings of my concept store.

Hube is located on the ground floor of a historic building in the center of Città della Pieve. The prestigious context is the perfect setting for Hube and for its amazing contains! The ideal background? Handmade terracotta floors and wall cover: refined, cared for and unique, just like Hube. My desire was precisely to propose strong choices, therefore to combine vintage elements like these in a modern and characterful context such as Hube bathrooms. Because a “classic” material such as terracotta is versatile and perfect for a unique place like Hube, where it creates the background for glam corners.

I asked Alessandro Piazzai, head of Maestri del Cotto, to tell me more about the company and the materials I chose for Hube.

Alessandro is yours is a family business. What is its distinctive feature?
The company was founded in 1994 as a small family-run business: an ancient Umbrian furnace, in Città della Pieve, with a strictly artisan production.
We are now leaders in the production of terracotta floors, but we never lost sight of the craftsmanship of the manufacturing. For over 20 years, we have grown both thanks to the commitment and passion of the Piazzai family and to the excellent staff working with us, without whom we could not achieve such results. Today Maestri del Cotto has conquered markets all over the world, from America to the United Arab Emirates and Asia, and we are a point of reference in Italy and Europe.

What can you tell us about the Terre Umbre floor, caissons and lozenge shaped, that I chose for Hube?
Terre Umbre terracotta comes from Sienese clay, which is characterized by a powder pink color tone. The Hube floor is in Vissuto finish, thanks to which the terracotta appears worn out over time. As for the caissons format, it has great value and is typical of historic buildings and prestigious villas.

For the bathrooms, I absolutely wanted to use Vintage glazed terracotta, in the Pavé version. How was it born and what is its main feature?
This product, made with Sienese clay, stands out for its handmade glazing. The Vintage composition has various colors ranging from aged white to matt ivory, with light blue and black intercessions reminiscent of the coatings of ancient villas. The format we propose is the Ventaglio, a very valuable historical pavé.

What makes terracotta produced by your company truly unique?
To obtain the highest quality, in addition to using the Sienese clays, we produce terracotta according to the ancient Etruscan method, which involves a series of steps including manual typing of each individual item in a wooden mold and wood firing of the pieces produced. This gives each artefact the typical nuances of handmade terracotta.

Each piece is therefore unique, as well as Hube items. And as Oscar Wilde said: I’m of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best.


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