“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”, said Coco Chanel. How to imagine a house without mirrors? Not only do they reflect our image shortly before crossing the threshold and accompany our daily rituals every day: mirrors are an essential part of a glam home soul!

They give depth and breadth, illuminate, furnish and personalize every environments. They are amazing by themselves, whether they are large or with a strong character, or grouped together to form a collection.

Radial, oval, circular, asymmetrical; with a decorated wooden frame, in burnished, gilded or colored metal … it’s a bit like choosing what to wear!

The secret for a WOW effect?
Choose the position of the mirror considering how many and which reflections it generates.


Tell me what you are looking for … I’ll tell you which is the right mirror for you!

* Are you looking for a timeless home decor? Choose the round mirror with golden frame that you find in Hube.

* Do you need versatility? Come and discover the oval mirror proposed by Hube that you can move according to your needs.

*Do you want to feel like a star? There is the Hollywood Regency-inspired sunburst mirror, an exclusive piece sold by Hube

Classic, contemporary, rustic chic: a mirror can have different styles. Precious or simple, with an important or minimal frame, what matters is that it best suits the style of your home, that arouses you emotion! Large mirrors are key pieces and attract the eye, while small ones can be used to create compositions with which to fill a bare wall.

The idea
A mirror with a sunburst frame will be an excellent focal point above the entrance console or a low piece of furniture in the living room.


And now, you just have to linger for a few moments in front of your mirror and say that yes, you are the most beautiful of the realm!

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