CASA GLAM: sold in 1 week

I think calling it “love at first sight” is the best way to start telling you about my home staging for Casa Glam and the result achieved …

We are in Umbria, inside a beautifully preserved historic village, in which typical red bricks shine under a sky that could not be more bright&blue. In the little square with the ancient well of the village there is a small earth-sky building with a grey-pink facade: this is Casa Glam!


The family that lived there until a few months ago decided to sell it and requested my intervention to stage it before putting it on the market. An empty shell but of great character, with a country chic imprint on one side and a contemporary cut on the other. It was love at first sight and I immediately started planning the home staging intervention.



Then one day the real estate broker in charge of the sale  told me he wanted  to show Casa Glam to an Anglo-American couple who in those days were visiting a series of properties within a radius of 80 km. I had  only few hours to stage it but in the end I manage to set up all the rooms and I must say that the result was very satisfying !



Just few minutes to step myself away and the potential buyers arrived: Anne and Gregor Wilson, the Anglo-American couple in love with Italy and looking for a house with an authentic soul. I find out later that the first words, climbing the stairs, was an enthusiastic “Wow!” Was it the effect of the majestic mirror with a frame of golden leaves?


Anne and Gregor’s home tour lasted some 40 minutes: it is difficult to leave a place that fascinates you… A few hours passed and the purchase proposal arrived. In less than 24 hours the purchase agreement was signed: the couple had found the perfect home for their needs – and more important they really fell in love with it. And the seller got exactly the asking price. Without the home staging it was not possible to achieve this result.


Emotional details

  • For Casa Glam I focused on the combination of contemporaneity and tradition.
  • The whites were lit by the glitter of the gold leaf and notes of mustard, while the grays found their balance in the black details and in dove gray nuance.
  • In the sleeping area the palette turned onto a natural chic mood that included three main colors: mauve, turquoise and sage.
  • Fresh flowers, candles, soft lighting and a pleasant scent contributed to engaging and stimulating all the senses.


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